Where to meet women when you are single?

Depending on where you meet the woman you will have to have a different style of game. During the daytime if you approach a woman most likely she will have her guard down. Most likely you will not get rejected during the daytime, and she will be more willing to have a conversation with you. Although, some men find it easier to talk to women during night time events because the majority of the time they are intoxicated and are looking for men to talk to them. You can have success at any time of day if your approach is correct.

The best places to meet women during the daytime would be at happy hours or networking event. At happy hours women are looking to relax and have a good time. They are more open to socializing during happy hour. Talking to her at happy hour is very simple you can order her some drinks, then go walk up and talk to her as an opener. Just make sure you are confident when you approach her and be yourself. Networking events are perfect because if she is at a networking event she is open to talking and interested in meeting new people.

I love meeting women during the nighttime. Most of the women you meet during the nighttime are out trying to have a great time. Which is why I personally enjoy it the most. If you do not know what bars or lounges attend to in the city, Yelp and Eventbrite are great mobile applications to check out. Most women come with a group of friends, so if you have a group of cool friends that also want to pick up women tell them to tag along. 

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