What are the online live chat sites?

I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for NSFW chat? Are you looking to meet someone you can connect with on an intellectual level? Just casual chat?

There is an absolutely abysmal number of generic and copy/pasted online chat sites you can join, to be honest. I’ve been a part of many of those and I can vouch that I’ve finally come across something a bit more original 

Well, I suppose no single idea that the site uses is original, but the way it combined them is. The site is new and the community is still growing, but it IS growing at a fast rate.

The site is basically like any other social network, but you can have chats about anything with randoms. You can create a topic ( which is basically a chatroom ) and have people join the room to talk about that topic, letting you meet likeminded individuals. You can also join topics created by other people too.

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