The best way to meet my dream girl

You can meet potential romantic interests online and offline. It sounds like you’re looking to meet women offline, which is commendable. However, you’re looking in the wrong places. Streets and clubs are both extremely poor places to meet women.

Your current group of friends isn’t that social – so start finding more acquaintances from work or other contexts to hang out with. Then you’ll naturally meet friends of their friends. You might also join an activity group – it could be a new gym, sports league, improv class, or Meetup group. It’s natural for people to join these groups alone, and they provide a comfortable environment in which you can get to know other people.

If you do want to go out solo to try and meet women at night, I’d suggest going to bars instead of clubs. It’s hard to have meaningful conversations in clubs because they are so loud and dark. Bars are great because you can make small talk in a low risk environment. Even better, find a bar with games like foosball, darts or pool. Playing a game together is a fun and non-threatening way to get to know someone.

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