Should I date girls who really want me?

Because you believe that no girl wants to date you. I used to be in a similar mental state as you…I would approach any woman and be told “no” or “I have a boyfriend”. I got so tired of hearing it I became extremely jaded and actually started to hate women for some time. I eventually realized that the reason I wasn’t attracting women wasn’t because of any physical issue nor was it the things I was saying…but it was my attitude.

In order to get girls, you must have an innate sense of confidence. Don’t get discouraged by me saying that either, I know things look dark but you have the capacity for that confidence in you at this very second. If you believe you are good enough for the right girls, if you believe you are confident, if you believe you can have your pick of women those attitudes will manifest in your words and actions naturally, and women will find that incredibly attractive.

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