How well does online dating work?

I met my girl friend online (we’ve been dating for 3 years now) and helped few friends find dates online. Not surprisingly, the online marketing tactics apply beatifully to this area. 

Stage 1. Research
1. Research Competition
Although this might sound gay, have a look at profiles of other people that you are competing against. This will help you to understand the other alternatives your candidates will see. Don’t forget it’s all relative. That’s why research matters. Note what you think works with these people and what doesn’t. List few qualities you posses, and interests that you have that these people don’t. This will help you differentiate from the competition.

2. Research Potential Dates
Observe commonalities between profiles. Do they like to travel, cook, go clubbing, wine&dine, read, discuss politics, religious.. Make a list of the things that they mention, and you’d like too. In the end it’s all about commonalities. The more common things you have, the easier you’ll click with the person. 

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