How did you start dating?

Online dating is a particular thing. It is relatively new, compared to human history.

Start by seeing if you have a relative or friend who can set you up on a date.

Date young women who also do not have a lot of experience. Remember, for a lot of young women, the idea that a guy will pressure them for sex is scary. They will be happy to date a guy who isn’t ready to go fast! Such women really do exist. They are easiest to find where you would like to be.

But you might enjoy being part of a service organization, where they pack up food for poor families. Then, you are sitting in a room of other people, packing up food. And you get to know these nice people. And they find out you are single, and either one of them is a single woman, or knows a nice single woman.

Clubs, family set ups, and even match-makers, can be helpful. If you happen to belong to a religious tradition, going to weekly services as a single guy can be a great way to meet single women, as long as the clergy and the older ladies of the congregation know you are available.

When you go on blind dates (dates where you’ve been set up by someone and you and the young woman have never met before) are a risk—my grandmother set me up with a young man who was definitely not my type, once. But he wasn’t mean or anything, just not at all the right guy for me.

Join clubs, go to weekly religious services, tell the adults in the older generation that you are single and looking, and you will find women to date.

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