How can I meet girls without using a dating site?

There are plenty of dating sites on which to meet people who are also interested in meeting people. As far as making sure the person is “real”, that can require skills that I normally teach people through my practice and it takes a lot more than I can teach you here.

The best you can do, short of hiring an expert like me, is to use your eyes, ears, brain, and common sense, and protect yourself. It shouldn’t be that difficult for someone to prove some pretty basic things about themselves (everyone has a phone with a camera and Skype is free so…). And you shouldn’t believe anything you don’t know to be true period.

That doesn’t mean you have to assume that anything not proven is false, either. It just means that it remains to be seen. Anyone can claim anything, especially when meeting you online. The more concrete the basis on which you have for your expectations, the less likely you are to be disappointed.

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