Best way to meet new people online?

I travel all the time to places where I don’t know any single person, and I’ve always managed to meet new people very easily (already in the first day). Personally, I think the best way to meet new people are websites and mobile apps that focus on real, face-to-face meetings. My recommendations:

  1. Tinder – yes, you might has your own thoughts about Tinder, but it does make meeting people easy. Every time before the meeting I say that I’m new here and I only want to meet new people (not date). I also set up a status in my profile ‘New. Wants to meet new people.’
  2. Spontime – it’s a new app, but it makes meeting new people extremely easy, because it doesn’t focus purely on dating, but on ‘spontaneous activities’. You can see what people around you are doing (e.g. jogging, coffee, beer) and you can join them right away. You can also schedule meetings and let other people join you.
  3. Meetup – you can find tons of group gatherings (based on particular interests) in chosen cities. It’s harder to actually meet people, because a) Always harder to actually get to know someone when you’re in a big group; b) the meetings are often fully organized and there is an agenda, so there is not much time to talk; c) you have to be confident to talk to someone first

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